Condolences from Glenda Redden

Dear Heather,

I first met your Dad sometime in the late ’80s when I became a member of Halifax Presbytery and joined the Church in Society Committee. We would meet at his house in Dartmouth to discuss relevant social issues and plan for action and activities in which we as part of the United Church could play a role.

He was always so prepared for whatever the issue might be, and prepared also for action, sometimes against all odds, as with the Maersk Dubai situation.

His biblical knowledge and understanding was amazing, and it was such a delight to have him share this in our Study Group at Trinity.

I was so delighted when one Sunday, a few years ago, I saw Flemming coming into Trinity. I had lost track of him for a few years; we greeted each other as “old time” friends.

He will be greatly missed.

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