Condolences from Pine Hill Alumni Association


Dear Heather, Pamela, Michael, Carol, June and all the extended Holm Family:

It was with I profound sense of sadness, mixed with a note of celebration, that we received the news of Flemming Holm’s recent passing.

We appreciated the heads-up which arrived by email and somewhat prepared Sadie and me for the news that came on Thanksgiving Sunday.

I’m writing on behalf of the Pine Hill Alumni Association, of which he was a valued member, to express our condolences on the passing of a beloved father and family member.

Flemming will be greatly missed, not only by former parishioners and clients whom he served so well, but by his many colleagues in ministry.

He was a faithful and effective worker in church and community at many levels of life. He contributed freely of his leadership abilities, wise counsel and incisive commentaries on life, always with a great passion for justice and compassion for the marginalized.

Our association was honoured to number Flemming among our Alumni of the Year. I have happy recollections of the summer day at Berwick when he became our Alumnus of the Year for 2003. I also remember, Heather, the way you spoke movingly of the warm personal delight which this honour gave to your father and the whole family. I am so happy Flemming and I had an opportunity to have a phone conversation this past summer regarding the planning of our next alumni reunion in 2010 in Liverpool. There are many other memorable experiences shared over a number of years, such as the week we spent in Gardiner Mines, Cape Breton. We were facilitating a multicultural education lab with leaders of many diverse backgrounds from across the island. He had an amazing capacity to keep his cool when the rockets were exploding.

Going back through another generation and another institution, the support which the Holm family provided (and the contribution made) to the Atlantic Christian Training Centre, Tatamagouche, will never be forgotten by the centre. As one who attends a monthly meeting at Tatamagouche, I know that the pine tree which stands in front of Stewart Hall will always be a lasting memorial to Viggo and Magda. It is appropriate that, at the end of his days, Flemming should rest at Abercrombie between the two who brought him into the world and were the early formative influences on his life.

I was happy that events conspired to lead me to an assignment in Cape Breton last Sunday, which meant the timing was perfect on my return journey to place me at Abercrombie at 3.00 pm. You and the family, assisted by Ivan and a number of friends, gave your father a fitting send-off. I’m certain Flemming approved of, and rejoiced in, all that took place, including the passing of Michael’s labour-of-love and its precious enclosure. My colleagues and I were proud to call him a brother and friend. May God’s loving Spirit be with you and your family always.

Sincerely, Bob Latimer, PHAA secty

PS – Thanks for sending the audio account of the service of celebration of Flemming Holm’s life. The reflections of family members, clergy and people like Hugh McKervill put quite a dent in my box of kleenex.

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