Carbon imprint and accountability

The Chronicle Herald

The cartoon on your editorial page, June 26 was right on. It showed the oilsands producers polishing their carbon imprint through a PR campaign. Would it not be more beneficial to reduce the carbon imprint?

On the same page was an editorial about Nova Scotia’s “gambling czars” polishing their image with an advertising campaign. It would be better if they were to spend their profits providing help for the Province’s problem gamblers. They would also improve their image if they were to further reduce the number of Video Lottery Terminals. What is the chief purpose of the Lottery Corporation – to serve the people, or to make profits?

I have heard that at one time a woman came upon Abraham Lincoln shining his shoes. “Why, Mr. President,” she exclaimed, “Do you shine your own shoes?” “Why yes,” said the President, “Whose shoes do you shine?”

(Published in the Chronicle Herald)

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