Omar Khadr and the litmus test

Our Canadian Government holds that our complicity in Guantanamo Bay is the litmus test for our devotion to the American War on Terror. Is our complicity in American treatment of Omar Khadr and Maher Arar the litmus test for our devotion to justice?

Lewis Carroll describes a trial in which the verdict is pronounced first and the evidence presented later. Both cases – Khadr and Arar – sound like Alice in Wonderland. Or is it Malice in Blunderland?

What has happened to Habeas Corpus? To the Presumption of Innocence? To Due Process? To the protection of minors? To “Justice delayed is justice denied”? Is it possible that an innocent person is already being punished for his father’s misdeeds? If Omar is found not guilty, should he be compensated for his years of incarceration – like Stephen Truscott?

It is said that it is better for one criminal to go free than for an innocent person to be unjustly punished. Our justice system, hard won through the centuries, is being sacrificed on the altar of fear and expediency. If the trend goes any further, we are all in danger.

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