Ode to Flemming, by Rev. Ruth Brown

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Ode to Flemming

Dear Friend, Colleague, Teacher
Bestefar Prophet, and give us to laughter
Singer of the songs of our faith, scripture chapter and verse
Keeper of the details of history
illuminating what yet may be possible for us and our world

Story teller of endless stories…..
as the spirit moves….you got to move too
as the spirit opens….you got to look through
bring the church to the people…down by the sea

for such a time as this
you joined us for the journey
made of us your spiritual home
And I give thanks

It is fitting
you made your way
before frost and cold settled in
when sun and moon were bright
and leaves aflame
like the fire in your heart
for the least and the last,
“the little ones,” Jesus had said….

Now, we envision you
in the parlour and minister’s study,
in the church office and sanctuary
Round the community table and over at Tim’s
how your presence grew among us

“Seek the kingdom that will not wait for heaven,”
You said.
Lift every voice
“Do whatever you can, write it down, mail it off
Don’t stop believing
Not Caesar’s but God’s
household economics,” you said

For today, is God’s day of jubilation
and all the oppressed are set free
and we at last see differently
ourselves and each other

”well maybe we have a ways to go yet,” you said

not without grace……
For all our works are not enough
“But by grace,” you said.
It was what our friend Paul had said too!
With him on this at last we agree

“But by grace”
Day by day, Step by step

“In my lifetime I have known grace upon grace,” you said
As on eagles’ wings….

A strength and a hope
A compassion and a wisdom
a life-giving sense of humour
an astounding capacity to re-member
a lightness of being
Beyond your own

Yet not apart from us
Is This Life
in which we live and move and have being
on earth and wherever else we may go…..

We are not alone,
called to be the church
we are gift to each other
Grateful to share this good journey with

All creatures great and small

But by grace
In Holy mystery, who is wholly love
we “carry on, carry on.”

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