Income gap and politicians’ salaries

Letter to the Editor, Chronicle Herald

Dan Leger’s article in the February 9 issue is in my opinion an accurate and most succinct analysis of the causes of the present financial crisis. Were it not for human greed – the greed of a group of people, mostly millionaires, we would not have a depression today.

When a CEO makes twenty to a hundred times more than his humblest employee, that is exploitation. It is immoral and reprehensible and should be prohibited by law. Anyone guilty of such an offence, whether or not he has been granted a “bail-out”, whether or not he receives the benefit in stock options or as a bonus, should be jailed, like Conrad Black and other robbers. Individual incomes should be capped, especially in times when so many millions are in real need.

Bev Mullins (February 10) thinks the MLAs are paying themselves too much. Surely an MLA or MP has one of the most responsible jobs in our society, and should be paid accordingly. Most of them have to spend much time away from home and family, and some have to maintain two residences. They all have to have rhinoceros hides, for no matter what they do they will be criticized – and if they do nothing they will be castigated for that.

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