War Mongering

Your editorial of August 31 laments Russia’s violation of Georgia, which was apparently undertaken to guarantee a dependable supply of oil and to strengthen Russia’s position in Europe and Asia. 

I agree that this action is extremely regrettable, and potentially threatens world peace. 

Two or more can play that game, however.  And we do.  Some examples:

1. Many of us believe that the main reason for the American invasion of Iraq was to secure the supply of oil from that region. 

2. I understand that missile bases are being placed near the borders of Russia, and the American government denies that they are aimed at Russia.  Can we expect the Russian government and people to accept that denial?

3.  Our newspapers (some of them) publish cartoons that ridicule other people’s religion in the name of freedom of expression.  Do we really expect the targeted people to smile and be happy?

Some of us would call such actions “war mongering”. 

Published in the Chronicle Herald, Sunday, September 7, 2008

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