Letter to Stephen Harper on Israel and Palestine

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper,
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Mr. Harper:

Apparently the Canadian government has allied itself with Israel in its struggle against the Palestinians. I want to remind you of some Biblical and historical facts.

In the second millennium B.C. the Israelites wrested the land of Palestine from the Canaanites, and occupied it for some 1300-1400 years until about 70 A.D. when they were dispersed by the Romans. Then the Palestinians had it largely to themselves (under various conquerors) until the Zionist movement of the late 19th century, when the Jews began returning in considerable numbers. International approval of their return was signalled by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and in 1948 the nation of Israel came into being through the military defeat of Palestine by the Zionists. Since that time the world has generally held that the Israeli people and the Palestinians share historic rights to the land.

Thus, over a period of some 3300 years the land of Palestine has been Jewish for approximately 1500 years, and Palestinian (non-Jewish) for 1800 years. It would seem reasonable to hold that on the basis of history both peoples have some rights to the territory.

The Jews however have not been content with the 1948 boundaries, but have seized the best land and gradually pushed the Palestinians into smaller and poorer enclaves, making it impossible for them to rise out of poverty. The recently built walls are only the latest impediments placed in their way.

George W. Bush’s regime is a falling star, and rightly so. Do not hitch your wagon to it. One cannot force a people to adopt democracy, particularly when it has never known democracy in the past, and when the enforcers are in a position to benefit economically thereby.

Does God really want war? Can a new world war be a prelude to the Second Coming of Christ? Never! See Micah 6:6-8 and Amos 5:24. Can you imagine Jesus bombing anyone? I can’t! Would he want his followers to be unjust? Apparently Bush is supported by many people whose view of Christianity is different from mine!

Yours for a better Canada and a better world!

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